(New Script) Search for count of items older than specified date across all mailboxes

So, you have deployed default retention tags to delete mail after a certain age.  You have also given users access to a personal tag to let them keep some stuff longer.  Now you want to audit to see if any of your users are abusing the personal tag.   This script allows you to specify…


Detect if a user is or isn't under a particular In-Place Hold

Let's say that you want to put an 3 year time based in-place hold on all (or a large group) of your users.  You set up a process, script or whatever to modify the hold whenever you need to add a user.  Great. So, how can you make sure that you didn't miss someone? You…


New Script to Get Percentage of Exchange t-logs per hour for Exchange design calculator

The Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator has a great if seldom used feature to allow estimating of bandwidth needs between datacenters for replication traffic.  The key to making this work is filling in the little chart of what percentage of a day’s log files are created during each hour of the day.  Since this is…


Updated Snapshot report of Public Folder Usage Script

Updated my Snapshot report of Public Folder Usage Script: Fixed Last Modified Time so it actually works (dang typo) Added “Email Enabled” to report Added “Primary SMTP Address” to report if folder is email enabled Added Progress bar so you can tell it is actually still running You can download it here: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Snapshot-report-of-Public-21235573  


Offline Address Book Full Download Fails if Hardware Load Balancer in use

I came across an interesting scenario relating to the use of a Hardware Load Balancer publishing Exchange Client Access Servers. This relates specifically to how CAS distributes OAB and how Outlook decides which files it needs to perform an OAB update. First, let’s walk through how it is supposed to work starting from a new…


Snapshot report of Public Folder Usage (name, last access, items, etc)

This is a simple script that will dump info about your public folders to a csv file.  The tricky bit here is that it combines data values from get-publicfolder, get-publicfolderstatistics and get-publicfolderclientpermissions into one CSV report. Find it at http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Snapshot-report-of-Public-21235573    


“The Public Group Cannot Be Displayed” error attempting to modify members of a large DL in Outlook with Exchange 2010

  Ever see this error when you try to modify members of a large (1000+) member DL using Outlook when your mailbox is on Exchange 2010? “The public Group cannot be displayed. The operation failed” “The public group cannot be displayed. Too many names have been found in the directory service or the server has…


Output Exchange 2010 RBAC Role Entries in HTML Report

***THIS ONLY WILL WORK IN POWERSHELL V3 (Win8 and Server 2012)***   The script will run in Powershell V2, but the data in the output tables will contain only the type information and not the actual data.   To use this script, you must be connected to Exchange remote powershell. Replace the URI…


Script to convert an MS Online Directory Immutable ID to an AD GUID (and Vice Versa)

This script can take an ImmutableID found in the DirSync Metaverse or via get-msoluser and output the GUID of the corresponding object from the SOURCE AD. It can also take the Source AD GUID and tell you what the ImmutableID should be.   Useful in troubleshooting DirSync issues and determining which AD Object maps…