Kewl new tablet/laptop for kids $348 AU + GST

I just got to see and touch one of these new kewl laptop for kids from "One Education" today. From a hands on perspective they are a great form factor and I love the colour. The laptops are called Infinity:One. They look pretty neat at $348 (AU) + GST. They are maybe a little on the heavy side but I am sure bearable for most primary school kids; I suspect that is a by-product of being ruggedized.

Snippet from site.

What is most exciting about these devices is they are apparently drop proof from 70cm, and water resistant. The hardware is a little light on with a Intel Atom Processor Quad Core up to 1.92GHz, 2GB RAM and 64GB HDD but should do the job for most young kids. They even come with a stylus. The device runs Windows 10 as well.

The other nice thing about these devices is they are being made by a not for profit company in Australia whose goal is to enable more kids to get access to technology. Kewl, great work One Education!

Check out the devices here


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