Kewl new tablet/laptop for kids $348 AU + GST

I just got to see and touch one of these new kewl laptop for kids from “One Education” today. From a hands on perspective they are a great form factor and I love the colour. The laptops are called Infinity:One. They look pretty neat at $348 (AU) + GST. They are maybe a little on…

Next Generation of Skype Room Systems video – Ignite 2016

Hi All I’ve been listening to a great session on Skype Room System devices code named Project Rigel. The session was run at Ignite 2016 over in the US in September 2016. It’s a great session and demonstrates the value of the new Skype Room System devices that are shipping from Polycom, Logitech and Crestron….

Interesting issue with Hybrid Skype for Business with Office 365

Hi All I have been playing around with Skype for Business Hybrid and getting Office 365 Cloud PBX calling happening. Anyway, during the setup of the environment I hit a snag and couldn’t get users in on-prem seeing users in the cloud. It was an interesting one as cloud people could see presence for On-Prem…

Microsoft Teams training content starting to come out

Hi All As I discussed in a previous blog Microsoft Teams is out now. So if you would like to know more about how to use and deploy these links will be useful to you. Introduction to Microsoft Teams This session will explain why Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365. …


Cloud PBX now available with on-premises Exchange Server

Hi Everyone I just wanted to repost a blog that has come out on the Skype Operations Framework blog. It is about how you can now use CloudPBX with both online and On Prem Exchange, which I am sure is good news for those folks out there with on-prem Exchange. Got here to check out…

Microsoft Teams (Skype Teams) is finally here….

Whoo hoo, we have released Microsoft Teams yesterday which is very exciting. There is plenty of kewl information available for you to use to start playing around with it. To enable it in your Office 365 tenant what you need to do is (in Home > Settings & add-ins): Then you can turn on Microsoft…


Skype for Business Mac client is here

Hi All Whoo hoo, the Skype for Business Mac client is now available. You can go here to download it. And if you want to know about feature comparison of the client with other client types then you can go here And here is the FAQ on the client Happy Skype’ing Steve


Skype for Business Online, Meeting Migration Tool update 17th of October

Hi everyone Just a short post, I wanted to write and say we have released a new update of the SfB Online meeting migration tool. You can get it from the links below. 64-bit Meeting Migration Tool32-bit Meeting Migration Tool Happy Skype’ing Steve


Office 365 Data Centre link

Hi All my colleague Vakhtang pointed me at this cool URL for looking at Office365 Data Centres and what services and data are hosted there. Pretty handy so I thought I would add to the blog. Have fun and happy Skype’ing. Steve