What TechNet Events are coming up in the UK?

Here’s a list of the Microsoft UK TechNet events that are running between now and Christmas: 13 August 2008, London: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies 21 August 2008, Liverpool: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies 2 September 2008, Reading : TechNet: the Microsoft Vision for Unified Communications 9 September 2008, Reading: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies…


Thanks to everyone who joined us @ today’s Server Launch event in Cardiff

It was great to see so many enthusiastic people @ today’s HeroesHappenHere Launch tour event in Cardiff. We received great questions and I was really amused by the wonderful spoof film titles the audience came up with for the IT Pros Film Club! I have posted the slides I presented on my Skydrive site for…


What are the dates and locations for the UK Windows & SQL Server 2008 launch tour?

Many of you have asked me both by posting comments to my NAP post and also at the main launch event last week in Birmingham If you’d like to register and find out the exact details for the locations then browse to the Launch tour area of the HeroesHappenHere website. Note: The Keynote will not…

Could someone with a non-computing degree get a geek job @ your company?

A friend of mine has a good degree in a non-technical subject and is considering taking a post-grad computing degree and wondering which on to go for. I’m wondering whether they actually need to do so – my gut feeling is that they’d be better off getting experience by offering to shadow someone for free….


How to upgrade your 2003 MCSE to 2008 – you’ll have to be quick

James Senior has an interesting post that explains how you can become an early adoptor for the next exams and hence upgrade your qualification by studying for the new certifications and passing a single transistion exam. It’s well worth reading more on James’ site.


Last chance to sign up for the UK System Center launch event

Click here to register for the event titled “Manage your core infrastructure from Desktop to Data centre” The event takes place on the 15 January 2008 from 9am until 5pm in London. The details of the event are as follows: A new style of launch event from Microsoft – multiple presenters demonstrating live through real environments…


All dates are now confirmed for our TechNet On The Road Q2 tour

Thank you to those of you who spread the word about places being available on our Q2 TechNet On The Road tour – there are still some places available but we now have enough people to make the shows viable. We really didn’t want to disappoint anyone by cancelling any of the sessions so it’s…

It’s quiet up North – there are lots of places left for our free Microsoft technical training "TechNet On The Road" tour Nov/Dec 07 in Falkirk, Newcastle and Manchester

From the 27th November to the 4th December the TechNet team plan to be back on the road in the North of England and lowlands of Scotland with the second iteration of our “TechNet of the road” tour. Once again we’ll be using a handful of slides and a great deal of live demonstrations. It’s…


How to help non-technical friends and family stay safe on the Internet: GetSafeOnline

Eileen recently wrote a post titled Security for the 78 year olds which referred to an interview with Scott Charney (head of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative) who talked about his experience advising his mother on the need for security precautions – here are a couple of quotes: “I told her she really needed to get…

Thanks to everyone who joined me at the University of Glamorgan yesterday

It was wonderful to receive such an enthusiastic welcome at the University of Glamorgan yesterday. It’s VERY rare that I get chance to speak at Universities. I thoroughly enjoyed lecturing students on the wonders of information security. The room was packed and questions abounded. The audience didn’t need much encouagement from me to discuss and…