GetSafeOnline: providing advice for consumers to help them stay safe on the Internet without blinding them with science

It’s the fourth annual GetSafeOnline campaign week whereby the team will raise the profile of consumer internet safety through a revamped GetSafeOnline website (containing a wealth of commonsense “how to” information) and a range of media activity. It’s a great cause as the campaign is not trying to sell you any products or services and it aims…


Interesting video interviews with the FBI discussing security

Kai Axford has posted a series of short video interviews with representatives of the FBI – they are well worth a look – particularly if you are based in the United States as they include advice regarding whom to report breaches to. Check out The Security Show – the link is to a tag hence…


Tweaking the file level security of the operating system is a bad idea!

Over the last week I’ve two people who are suffering pain due to corporate laptop builds that have been “secured” – meaning that an untold number of access controls have been changed and parts of the operating system have been removed to “enhance the security” of the system. A complete nightmare. The poor old users…


How to deal with online bullies

I’ve been contacted by someone who’s being bullied online asking for advice. I was typing a reply when I mentioned it to Eileen who came up with a much simpler suggestion than I was going to give. Eileen adviced me that there’s a report abuse facility within Hotmail – I searched for the site and…


Should you be entitled to privacy in a restaurant? What is the threat?

I went for a lovely meal yesterday with family and friends and was somewhat surprised to see the following sign on the wall – I have removed the third party’s contact details hence the blank areas: It wasn’t the most expensive restaurant on the planet but nor was it low rent either. I can’t for…


What are the UK trends in the corporate use of Social Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace?

Microsoft recently surveyed nearly four hundred IT Professionals to find out their approaches to Social Networking. You can view the full results here. I think the findings are interesting as the results suggest that social networking sites are more popular with IT Pros than end users by a factor of nearly two to one. 40%…


Where to start with Effective Security – why do we need it?

The purpose of Information Technology is to make the right information available to the right people at the right time. The traditional approach to information security is the “no you can’t” syndrome. It’s much more effective to define what the business actually needs and implement controls / raise awareness to prevent inappropriate flows of information….


Where to start with Effective Security – how to reduce your risk

Effective security is all about risk. Measure it. Decide which risks you are uncomfortable with and take steps to mitigate them. It’s also about People AND Processes – technological controls alone will not give you Effective Security. Scott Culp’s 10 Immutable Laws of Security gives a really good summary of the guiding principles of security. Law…


How to help the non-technical people understand privacy?

I’ve been enjoying some internal “soft skills” training with my European counterparts this week in Prague – it’s an amazing place – well worth a visit. BTW: I took the following picture after climbing 287 steps in the Cathedral! We’ve had many interesting discussions about all aspects of being more effective in our work with…


Free money from Microsoft – I don’t think so – Ignore emails claiming to be from the Microsoft Award team

Several people have forwarded me email messages like the following which is bogus – if you receive something similar then disregard it. We don’t have a “Ken Gate”, nor do we send emails from “” addresses either.   From:  “KEN GATE” <>  Add to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this…