More power, more power!

If a health and safety person was to visit the room I’m in @ the moment they’d probably have a cornary! I’m preparing for my talks @ the Dutch launch event and am joined by the other speakers. The room is small. We have MUCH kit! Wires everywhere. I brought my own 6 way power…


How big a Geek are you?

71%Are you an Uber-Geek? Quiz courtesy of Appliance Parts from Easy Appliance Parts Click on the image above to see for yourself. Thanks to the Girly Geekdom blog for putting me onto this bit of fun.


Beware – Cookies are addictive!

I picked up a couple of packets of cookies whilst in France to share with my colleagues. A few minutes ago I opened up both packets (one chocolate and one plain) and sent an email out to the department asking people to help themseleves. It’s a good thing that I’m sharing them as I’ve just…


The Security Guard’s face was a picture when I arrived at work on a skateboard!

It’s a beautiful Summer’s day in England today and like many people I made the most of my lunch break by heading outdoors. I needed to pick something up from a shop that’s about a five minute drive from our office so I decided to use an unusual means of transport – my skateboard! I…


This made me smile – book publisher steals Google laptops

I’m not advocating stealing as an acceptable behaviour before anyone asks! The Register posted a story about the CEO of a book publisher (Richard Charkin) and colleague stealing a couple of laptops from a Google stand. The machines weren’t actually taken anywhere and they were returned as soon as their absence was noticed. There’s more to the…


How to support freedom of choice for open standards

As James eloquently described in his post titled “Sign-up for freedom of choice” we’re looking for your support for OpenXML to be adopted as an ISO standard. It’s an open XML based standard used to describe Office documents. As is often the case there’s an alternative standard, Open Document Format (ODF) in this case – it…


The Playstation 3 is a Monster – a VERY hungry one!

Apparently the Sony Playstation 3 consumes up to 380 watts of power according to a review in the current T3 technology magazine. I can’t help wondering how big the power supply unit is as the XBox 360’s one is huge – it’s rated @ 1/2 the power consumption of the PS3 and it’s it’s PSU…


Why does this have to be so hard – I just want to book a flight!

Microsoft has a wonderful “self help” culture whereby employees are easily able to directly access services online. Sadly there is a brand new system that isn’t any where near as easy to use as it should be. The reason for writing this post is to encourage you to question whether you have similar nonsensical user experiences…


I’m unplugging from the Matrix for the next week

I’m going board riding for the next week. I’m going to unplug. No email. No blogging. No TV – though that’s not a hardship in the USA for me. Minimal electronic use – I’m allowing myself to use my camera. Time to reflect. No distractions. Me time. Last time I tried this I found myself…