Why do most firewalls only inspect packet headers?

The vast majority of firewalls on the market don’t inspect the payload of packets – instead they attempt to make decisions based on source address, destination address and the port of the traffic. Historically many people took the port to be a statement of intent (i.e. port 80 = HTTP) and hence firewalls based decisions…


Load Balancing a Rights Management Server Cluster using Network Load Balancing

The Microsoft® IT Showcase website is a great resource for learning how we secure our environment at Microsoft. MicrosoftIT provide a managed highly available Information Rights Management (IRM) solution for employees use worldwide. A new article has been posted on the ITShowcase website at the following link which details how we implemented with Rights Management…


How we at Microsoft Secure our own infrastructure

Ever wondered how we secure our own infrastructure? The ITShowCase website provides IT Professionals with the low down on how we develop, deploy and manage our enterprise technology solutions. The site contains both business decision maker suitable content and highly technical implementation detail. As you’d image, our environment includes secure remote access, secure wireless, distributed offices…


What Security topics would you like me to BlogCast about?

Eileen Brown has just posted an interesting article on her Blog which explains a new technique we’re going to use to share snippits of content as she explains in the following extract of her post: “Sometimes there just isn’t time to view a whole Webcast, when all you want to do is learn something specific. …


Why isn’t the Firefox code signed?

I’m having a look @ Firefox and have noticed that the code is not signed and therefore it’s theoretically possible for a trojan to have been inserted in it.


Poetic Justic – the Register advocates XP SP2

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/11/21/register_adserver_attack/ I’m not saying that it’s good that anyone’s been hacked, simply that publicity to get people to install XP SP2 is a good thing.


Blog Spam / Phishing / Harvesting

Many Blogs are receiving feedback with links to the following URL – DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LINK(that’s why I’ve left off the http:// prefix) “cool12xp.s20.xrea.com”. Typical entries have the title of “Great article” with text along the following lines: “Great Site! Keep it up!Great site,keep it up, thanks !Here is my site, you can found some…


What are the privacy implications of Moblogs?

It’s only a matter of time before Moblogs hit the mainstream. Clearly this is something the mobile operators will encourage and so many people have camera phones & love sharing pictures. Moblogs are likely to be seen as requiring less effort than text oriented Blogs. The thing is that sharing pictures on such as scale…