I’ll be on holiday until 6th October hence any comments posted to this blog won’t be published until I return

I really enjoy reading the comments people like you leave on my blog – I appreciate people taking the time to share their ideas, frustrations and general feedback. I moderate the comments on this blog to remove any comment spam that sneaks past the automated filter. Occasionally I have to “bleep out” rude words left…


Thank you for voting for this blog: Which Security blogs make interesting reading?

I’m delighted that so many of you took the time to vote for this blog in the “Security blog” category. Congratulations to Guy Bunker who’s View from the Bunker blog beat this one into second place. Personally the best thing to come from the competition is to find some additional interesting security blogs to read…


Which companies are more successful due to blogging? which are held back?

I think this is an interesting question. OK so I’m rather biased seeing as though I asked it! Some companies encourage their employees to talk openly about the products and services they work with – other companies try to control all outbound messages with the aim of “letting the public relations experts manage the brand”….


Please vote for this blog in the Computer Weekly Awards

Thanks to whomever nominated this blog for the Computer Weekly IT Blog awards 2008 – I’m really flattered. The power of this blog is the contributions many of you make by taking the time to share your views via comments – so regardless of whether you choose to vote for me or not I’d like…


Which are the most popular blogs on Microsoft’s TechNet and MSDN?

Thanks to Sean for publishing a list of the top twenty five most popular TechNet and MSDN blogs. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog as I’m delighted it’s made the top twenty five. There are more than 1600 blogs on TechNet & MSDN. I started off on MSDN three and a…


Bill Hilf has published an annotated version of his Keynote from LINUX World – it’s on Port25

Bill was the first Microsoft employee to deliver the LINUX World Keynote. As you may know Bill’s closely with the LINUX community over the years and hence he has an excellent perspective on the benefits of different approaches to software development. Bill has kindly annotated the notes from his keynote for those of us who…


No I don’t want any additional auto insurance, free ring tones or sexual embelishment

Like Steve Riley I’m fed up with receiving a large number of spam comments on my blog. I’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in the Yorkshire Dales to a large number of nonesense spam comments on this blog. Also like Steve I believe in free speech and hence I post all comments except those…


Looking for increased security via Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support such as Windows Vista’s Bitlocker

Andy made an interesting comment regarding his interest in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware based security to compliment the software controls in his environment. I’m not familiar with the 3rd party he refers to (Wave) though can highly recommend Windows Vista’s Bitlocker implementation that takes advantage of TMP hardware if it’s available. We use TPM (v1.2)…