How many Virtual Machines do Microsoft run with SCVMM?

I was surprised to see that our formal data centre hosts 1224 Virtual Machine instances on only 86 physical hosts – that’s a pretty good consolidation story. It’s all managed with System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and has been running on beta software with zero impact on their Service Level Agreement. There are countless…


System Center Virtual Machine Manager is released and there will be an SME edition too

The Windows Virtualization Team blog includes a detailed post covering the Release To Manufacture of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). You can download a trial of the released version here. SCVMM is cool as it enables you to dynamically manage your virtual workloads across multiple physical machines. You can choose to either provide maximum performance…


How to change the names on the Vista Boot Menu *broken links fixed*

On a Windows XP, Server 2000 & Server 2003 system if you multi-boot using the native boot loader it’s pretty straightforward to edit the names listed in the menu you see at boot time – simply run a command shell (as an administrator), make the boot.ini file (resident in the top level of your primary…


Vista Squad meeting postphoned due to the poxy Tube strike ;-(

I’ve just spoken to Ray @ the Vista Squad User Group who told me he’s been forced to postphone the meeting that was due to take place this Thursday (6th Sept) evening in London. I know many Londoners are finding it very difficult to get to work during the strike and the rate of last…


Error reserving zone for burn – DVDBurn error

DVDBurn is a handly free tool that you can download from – the name’s pretty descriptive as it enables you to burn an ISO image onto a DVD. Earlier today I attempted to use DVDBurn to burn the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK – a very handy free download full of Windows deployment tools) onto…


System Center Data Protection Manager v2 – can you get excited about storage?

There are those that do. Perhaps you? For most people topics like “data storage” and “backup/retention” just sound dull. That is until things go horribly wrong. Investing some time and effort ahead of time can save you a great deal of pain. System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) is a replacement for Data Protection Manager….


TechNet Conversations Podcast Show with Cliff Hobbs talking Management

Welcome to the TechNet Conversations show of the 31st August. It’s available as a WMA and an MP3. This week we are joined by Cliff Hobbs – an expert in management technologies. Cliff is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), a leader for the Windows Management User Group (WMUG) and the author of the faqshop….


What is Microsoft’s Product Roadmap for Vista, Server, XBOX, Office et al

At July 2007’s Financial Analyst Meeting Steve Ballmer presented on “Driving Shareholder Value”. Steve Clayton and Long Zheng referred to the “FY08 and beyond” slide as it effectively provided a roadmap to many of Microsoft’s products – this is no mean feat for a single slide. You can view the entire presentation yourself though you…