I’ve pulled my previous post titled “How to Turn your Windows machine into a LINUX box”

As you’ll know if you read the post(before I pulled it) and followed the link(referenced in it) you’ll know that the very last page of humour included an inappropriate word. I pulled the post as I really don’t want to offend anyone – after all Children could read the content – though I seriously doubt…


Become a Security Insider! Join the most exciting security community in the World!

I’m the lead Technical Security Advisor for Microsoft’s ITPro community in the UK. My role involves evangelising the our security technologies(most of which are built into Windows) to help ITPros deliver real world business benefits – reducing costs by enabling businesses to do more with less risk. Every day I meet security experts and I’d be…


Threat Modelling helps Microsoft Developers to build more secure code

Larry Osterman’s posted a really interesting article explaining how Threat Modelling helps his team improve the security of the code they develop. As Larry goes on to explain the technique’s not new, nor is it rocket science and yet it’s often under utilised in development houses. Part of Microsoft’s Trustworthy computing initative involved introducing the…


What’s a BlogCast?

A BlogCast is simply a very short (typically five minute) webcast that’s hosted on a Blog. The idea is that we’re all busy people who want specific information and don’t have the time/patience to sit through lengthy webcasts to find what we’re looking for. BlogCasts are rather like “Elevator pitches” in that they’re concise, to…


Michael Platt is Blogging again!!!

After somewhat of a break he’s back 🙂 If you’re interested in integrating your Mainframe and Windows environment then check out his latest post Mike is an expert in software architecture 🙂


Don’t forget the free ISA webcast week – you’ll learn how to protect Exchange, IIS, Sharepoint and critical applications from hackers

I posted details of the upcoming ISA Webcast series here. If you’ve not registered yet then time is running out – it’s free and will teach you all about application layer firewalling and how to protect critical information systems from the real threat posed by hackers. The risks posed by Worms, Viruses and the majority…


What feedback would you like to give Microsoft Product Groups on Security

I’m working in Redmond(Seattle) this week – I flew over from the UK last night. I’m working with the product groups for the entire week and am keen to give your feedback regarding security functionality of our products(Windows, Office, Security Business Unit) to the management, technical and product leads. So now’s your opportunity to get…


Microsoft Anti-spyware Beta software is ready for you to try – it’s on time following the Giant acquisition

Michael Swanson beat me to it blogging about the availability of the beta code – if you’ve not already seen it I recommend checking out his article for an excellent overview. The beta code itself can be freely downloaded from here. Our internal testing has demonstrated that it’s a useful tool in the battle against spyware…


ISA Application Layer Firewalling free webcast series covering deployment, troubleshooting, improve network security and configure anti-virus and content filtering plus exchange integration and ISA security appliance drill down

An entire week of webcasts can be registered for at the ISA event site “Whether you plan to upgrade to Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 or want to learn how to get the most from your current ISA deployment, this week of technical webcasts illustrates how ISA 2004 can help you maintain a…


How to think like a hacker – Scott Culp’s 10 Immutable Laws of Security

Back in the year 2000 Scott Culp published a paper outlining the 10 Immutable Laws of Security. I’ve restated them here to be concise but strongly encourage you to read the original article as it develops each law to discuss each in turn. If you’re new to information security and would like to put everything in…