British Airways pilot concerned over finding the airport

I flew to Edinburgh yesterday to give a talk to the BCS (British Computer Society) and the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) - the details of which can be found here. The talk was recorded so that those of you who may wish to listen another time will be able to do so. The audience were fantastic as was the venue and the organisation of the event - thank you if you were there.

I was amused to here the pretty standard announcement as we taxied in stating that we should refrain from activating our mobile telephones as they may interfere with the navigational systems of the aircraft - I wanted to shout out "look, the terminal building is over there!".

Needless to say I'm not suggesting ignoring the advice of aircraft crew.

There's a sign in our (Microsoft) office in London stating that "this door closes at 6:30pm" and couldn't help wondering if it could be closed at any other time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    John> ouch!

  2. John Barker says:

    I often wonder about shops open 24/7 & wonder what they do for the rest of the year!

    Sorry not to make the talk; wrestling with leakin tap on daughter’s wash basin, which eventually won the bout by falling off the wall onto my head.

    John Barker FIET

  3. Mark says:

    And what is it about British based airlines? Land with anyone else, anywhere and the cabin crew chief announces welcome to Ulan Bator and you may now use cells, pagers, PDAs etc. as soon as the wheels touch the ground. Yet easyJet, BA, Ryanair and everyone else tell you not to turn anything on  until well inside the terminal building.

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