When’s a laptop not a laptop?

When it's red hot! I'm sat in an airport waiting at the gate for my flight home. Like all good travelling geeks I've found somewhere to plug my laptop in to mains power. I've been sat here typing away and browsing the web/email for the last couple of hours. My "Lap"top is now red hot. Don't worry I've burnt myself!

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Alun> Sorry to hear that

  2. Anonymous says:

    Watch out for that – recovering from testicular cancer, one of my thoughts was “I wonder if constantly using a laptop contributed”. I know make sure to use a tray or a table whenever possible. Laptops are designed to push much of their heat down, into your lap. That can’t be healthy.

  3. Clive Flint says:

    I once had to test a fujitsu seimens ‘Celcius’ laptop. A school teacher had complained that it had taken the varnish off his kitchen table. It got to 55 degrees C. FS said the case was the heat sink and it was a ‘desktop replacement’ and not designed for a lap. How odd that it looked like a laptop.

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