What if your Windows Mobile phone fails to sync email even though it can browse the Internet?

I’ve been in Seattle for the last couple of days and when I first arrived I was somewhat frustrated that my HTC S620 phone was unable to sync email with our corporate Exchange server. It worked perfectly at home and I was able to browse the Internet quite happily while in Seattle.

The problem in my case was that my phone had roamed onto a cellular network for which my (English corporate) contract didn’t have the right access level. There are two ways to solve the problem – firstly one can simply hope that over time the phone will roam onto a network that had the right access agreement – hardly an acceptable solution – the alternative is to reconfigure the phone to use the right network – I’ll write another post explaining how to do this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This post follows my earlier one citing what to do if your phone can browse the web but not sync email

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