How can Public Key Infrastructure technologies improve your information security posture?

There’s a really good (free) TechNet webcast coming up on the 17th September which will be a great resource for those of you who’d like to learn how to take advantage of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in your organisation.

The full details of the event are as follows

“To register simply click on this hyperlink TechNet Online Presents: MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture session 4 – Security and PKI

17th September, 16.00-17.15

This session will start by discussing the areas you should consider when securing an enterprise using a defence in depth approach and help you to identify the technologies to use. We’ll go on to identify which of these technologies rely on or can leverage a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), before moving on to discussing how to identify an organisation’s PKI requirements and how to design a PKI implementation around these. We’ll look at the considerations you need to take into account when planning a PKI revocation strategy and the security considerations around deploying a PKI.  Finally, we will look at some specific deployment solutions giving consideration to the Contoso environment used throughout this series as well as sharing some of our own experiences.”

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