How can I join the VistaSquad meeting remotely?

A couple of people have asked me this very question as they live too far away from London to be there in person. The sessions are not yet streamed though the community leaders have thoughfully recorded every session and published them to Vimeo – click here to access all of the recorded sessions – look…


When’s a laptop not a laptop?

When it’s red hot! I’m sat in an airport waiting at the gate for my flight home. Like all good travelling geeks I’ve found somewhere to plug my laptop in to mains power. I’ve been sat here typing away and browsing the web/email for the last couple of hours. My “Lap”top is now red hot….


I’ll be on holiday until 6th October hence any comments posted to this blog won’t be published until I return

I really enjoy reading the comments people like you leave on my blog – I appreciate people taking the time to share their ideas, frustrations and general feedback. I moderate the comments on this blog to remove any comment spam that sneaks past the automated filter. Occasionally I have to “bleep out” rude words left…


How to configure Windows Mobile to roam to the network provider of your choice

This post follows my earlier one citing what to do if your phone can browse the web but not sync email. The following instructions are for Windows Mobile 6.0 and were taken from my HTC S620 – other handsets are very likely to have exactly the same options. If you are travelling outside your country…


Join the VistaSquad to learn about being a Geek 2.0 and WPF/Silverlight applications

The VistaSquad are meeting again tomorrow night – Wednesday 17th September at Microsoft’s office in London. To sign up (for free) simply head on over to the VistaSquad event page here. Topics this month: WPF/Silverlight Application Deep Dive (Richard Godfrey, iPrinciples) How to be a Geek 2.0 (Viral Tarpara, Microsoft) Directions to Microsoft Agenda: 6pm…


How can Public Key Infrastructure technologies improve your information security posture?

There’s a really good (free) TechNet webcast coming up on the 17th September which will be a great resource for those of you who’d like to learn how to take advantage of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in your organisation. The full details of the event are as follows “To register simply click on this hyperlink…


Which EEE PC is best and when does a subnotebook make sense?

First things first – there are many vendors other than ASUS (who produce the EEE PC range) who produce comparable machines – I don’t have any commercial or personal reason for advocating ASUS devices. Last weekend I a friend of mine visited most of the electrical stores in and around Reading to figure out which…


Is Google becoming the new Microsoft?

Clearly Google is successfully growing it’s reach and has ambitions to dominate far more markets. With growth comes responsibility. If their vision becomes reality they will surely attract far more attention from the forces of government regulation. In the early days of Microsoft the company seemed to appeal to those who wanted an alternative to…


Chrome is often used to distract prospective customers from the underlying product

I’ve read with interest the storm that’s brewing regarding Google Chrome. Does Chrome signify the death of the client? Can you really “live in a fancy browser” and be totally agnostic of the underlying operating system? At what point does the operating system become a commodity? These are all interesting questions. It’s a common trick…