Alexander Sotirov speaks out following wild spin on his talk about Windows Vista Security

Credit to Ed Bott from ZDNet who interviewed Alexander Sotirov to get his perspective on the stories that have circulated in the press following the talk he gave with Mark Dowd at the recent BlackHat Securit conference. The talk was titled "How to Impress Girls with Browser Memory Protection Bypasses" which is certainly an unusual title for a technical talk.

Ed's interview is interesting as it enables Alexander to clarify what the technical threats were and the context for exploits - he very clearly states that Windows Vista security is not wide open and that users are better off running Windows Vista than XP. It's also really good to read the following:

"It was a very positive experience working with Microsoft. Our research is helping them learn where they need to focus their resources and where they need to improve. We did not take any of the vendors by surprise."

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