Is perception reality? The Mojave Experiment sheds some light

If you think Windows Vista sucks then I suggest you take a moment to view the recordings on the Mojave Experiment’s website – it’s where a large number of people who hadn’t tried Windows Vista for themselves were shown a sneak preview of a “brand new version of Microsoft Windows” and asked for their comments.

If you haven’t tried Windows Vista for yourself then it’s well worth doing so.

As I explained in an earlier post I’ve run Windows Vista on machines old and new, loaded with RAM and more basic – it’s worked really well in each case. James’s post titled Where Microsoft went wrong with Vista gives an interesting perspective too.

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  1. John A Thomson says:

    Sorry Steve, but this just looks like the marketing droids have been working overtime. There doesn’t appear to be a balance of views which makes it seem like spin and marketing BS.

    A true experiment of worth would be to have contrasted the latest offerings from Apple, Microsoft and the world of Linux and see the people reactions to all the options!

    The few systems I deployed when it was first released even had me thinking it was an unfinished product that would need 12 months of patching and updates to fix. It maybe didn’t take the full year, but it did take a good part of it to get Vista ship shape IME.

    I like Vista and have been using it in anger since SP1. In the main I prefer it over XP, but there are a few things that have me longing for XP! However, even considering those few things, I can’t see me switching back in a hurry. In early 2008 I even started supplying it to business customers when they ordered new systems and so far, so good.

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