Beware – if you install a new browser such as IE8 you’ll loose your cookies

This may not be a problem for you but it’s worth being aware that any websites that automatically sign you in (after you’ve logged in the first time and asked the browser to store your password for the site) will forget who you are – therefore make sure you know the passwords for such sites…


How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

If you’ve tried installing IE8 Beta 2 onto a machine that already had IE8 Beta 1 on it then you’ll have seen the following message: Install Windows Internet Explorer 8 A previous build of Internet Explorer 8 is already installed on your computer. You must remove it before installing the latest version of Internet Explorer…


Where can I download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 from: Why might you want to?

I was surprised that the download link for Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 for Windows Vista wasn’t as easy to find as I’d expected hence writing this post. If you’re wondering why to give IE8 a go then you may wish to read the following sites: Internet Explorer Team Blog Internet Explorer site Internet Explorer…


Interesting video interviews with the FBI discussing security

Kai Axford has posted a series of short video interviews with representatives of the FBI – they are well worth a look – particularly if you are based in the United States as they include advice regarding whom to report breaches to. Check out The Security Show – the link is to a tag hence…


Thank you for voting for this blog: Which Security blogs make interesting reading?

I’m delighted that so many of you took the time to vote for this blog in the “Security blog” category. Congratulations to Guy Bunker who’s View from the Bunker blog beat this one into second place. Personally the best thing to come from the competition is to find some additional interesting security blogs to read…


Alexander Sotirov speaks out following wild spin on his talk about Windows Vista Security

Credit to Ed Bott from ZDNet who interviewed Alexander Sotirov to get his perspective on the stories that have circulated in the press following the talk he gave with Mark Dowd at the recent BlackHat Securit conference. The talk was titled “How to Impress Girls with Browser Memory Protection Bypasses” which is certainly an unusual…


Which companies are more successful due to blogging? which are held back?

I think this is an interesting question. OK so I’m rather biased seeing as though I asked it! Some companies encourage their employees to talk openly about the products and services they work with – other companies try to control all outbound messages with the aim of “letting the public relations experts manage the brand”….


What TechNet Events are coming up in the UK?

Here’s a list of the Microsoft UK TechNet events that are running between now and Christmas: 13 August 2008, London: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies 21 August 2008, Liverpool: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies 2 September 2008, Reading : TechNet: the Microsoft Vision for Unified Communications 9 September 2008, Reading: Microsoft Virtualisation and Management Technologies…


What Virtual Private Networking software would I recommend for Windows and how to set it up?

I was recently asked this very question and I responded with “Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 and Windows Vista/XP” provide excellent built-in Virtual Private Networking features that are standards compliant and assuming they are correctly configured can be highly secure too. There’s no additional license cost required to use Microsoft Windows VPN. In addition Microsoft offer a…