180 million copies of Windows Vista have been purchased

I'm not shy about my enthusiasm for Windows Vista. I have run it on a wide range of machines - old and new, big and small. I was impressed by Vista's performance on my five year old laptop - the Operating System automatically measured the hardware performance and adjusted it's configuration accordingly to make the best of what was available. The machine in question did have 1Gb of RAM which WAS more than most corporate laptops back in 2003 and this certainly helped Vista.

Microsoft's recent 4th quarter earning report included the statistic that 180 million copies of Windows Vista have been purchased by customers Worldwide.

In my experience it's critical to make sure you have the latest drivers for your hardware devices to ensure optimum performance - the VAST majority of these are available from Windows Update and can easily be accessed by "update driver" as follows:

Type "Device Manager" in the search box at the bottom of the "Start" menu, select the Device Manager from the list then navigate to the "Update driver" menu item as shown below by selecting the device that's not performing as you'd expect and clicking the right mouse button:

Certainly there are some computers that simply don't have sufficient device driver support though thankfully most machines produced in the last three years have full support.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve sent me a mail the other day which I thought I’d let you know about in case you’re using a BlackBerry

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stodge> XP is so backwards in comparison to Vista – clearly you don’t buy into that view. Are you seriously CHOOSING to stay with XP or do you have a software compat problem or crappy hardware?

    I’d really like to understand why you’re running an O/S that’s so old. I understand that large corporations incur significant costs in changing anything on large numbers of machines – regardless of what.

    Sounds like you have poor sys admins – or a crappy corporate firewall / admin – our enterprise firewall (ISA) rocks and unlike our competition we’ve not had any significant vulnerabilities.

    I do agree that quoting a "we’ve sold x licenses" figure is less relevant than quoting "x deployed" but those figures are much harder to acertain.

    My enthusiasm for Vista isn’t due to being a MSFTie – I have seen it work really well in companies small and large, with hardware old and new and applications old and new too – it’s significantly BETTER than XP in pretty much all respects in my experience.

    Please share more of your experience/views on this matter as I’d like to understand them.

    What O/S do you run at home? Ubuntu? OSX? XP? Win 3.1?!



  3. John A Thomson says:

    Having the latest drivers isn’t always the best thing! If the system is stable and not causing any problems then it isn’t necessarily a wise move to update drivers, unless you’re doing it for security reasons!

    A few months back, Windows Update installed the latest NVIDIA drivers onto my mother’s shiny Vista system. It then started to Blue Screen on a regular basis. Restored the older driver and voila, back to a stable and efficient OS that doesn’t Blue Screen.

    Here was me thinking that NVIDIA had finally got on top of Vista drivers and then they release a flaky one.



  4. Wagner Gimenes says:

    According to Paul Thurrot form winsupersite.com (he does an excellent podcast with Leo Laporte), Vista is the fastest ever selling OS by Microsoft, with faster uptake to even Windows 2000 or XP.

    I’ve been using mine for a year now and can also highly recommend. The security features alone are worth the upgrade/new purchase.


  5. rasmasyean says:

    Fastest Pirated too…

    16.14% of internet users are Vista


    1.4 billion internet users


    Assuming the usage rate is consistent around the world…

    1.4 billion * 16.14% = 226 million Vista internet users

    The only way the user base would be significantly less than this number is if for some reason, Vista users surf the internet WAY MORE than all other OS’s to skew the percentage up to 16.14%.  I highly doubt this.  And it’s probably more likely that that some Vista users don’t use the internet much because it’s for work mostly.  Hence more likely there are more than 226 million Vista users.

    Chances are that Vista adoption in the “rich” (and more regulated) hitslink logged nations is held back a little by the expense of Vista.  So that could mean that other “poorer” (Gov’t don’t give a crap) nations have a much greater than 16.14% Vista market penetration since you can like buy it at the local fruit shop for like $1, etc.


    Hey, if you include ALL of Asia?  500 million Vista users???  😉

  6. stodge says:

    I have no intentions of buying Vista so I’ll stick with XP thanks.

    Of those 180 million sold, how many were forced upon users buying a new computer? Those aren’t real sales per se as the users didn’t necessarily choose to have Vista installed.

    How many of those 180 million copies were licensed to companies like Dell to pre-install on PCs? Again those aren’t real sales numbers as you don’t know how many of those licenses were in turn sold to (forced on? 😉 other users. Or how many were left sitting on a shelf.

    Microsoft has always been a little “optomistic” in the past, shall we say, primarily to over-inflate how successful its products are and to avoid affecting their shareholder’s bottom line.

    So *shrug*, it really means nothing to me.

    (Apologies if this turns out to be a double post – our corporate firewall is crap (runs Windows, *chuckle*) and my connection timed out while I was typing my response).

  7. Mike Stoddart says:

    At home I switch between XP and Ubuntu. Ubuntu for development (lots of free tools) and XP for my Reaper (http://reaper.fm).

    Why do I want to stick with XP? It works and I’ve read nothing about Vista that tells me I need to upgrade to it. Security? Don’t really care – I’m behind a firewall (router) though I know that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

    I think what bugs me about Vista is this, well two things really. First, it’s damn ugly. I mean really ugly. It makes me want to “Run to the Hills”, Bruce. Secondly, I don’t understand Vista. What is it’s purpose? What did MS spend billions on to produce it? What does it give me that I need?

    My opinion is that Vista is just another hunk of crap built on an older hunk of crap, built on an even older hunk crap, built on what is likely an excellent kernel. But because they’ve had to build so much crap into Windows over the years, it’s turned into a scary behemoth.

    Where’s the innovation? What have you implemented to make my life easier? What did you put in to make maintaining my computer easier? Did you do anything to make it more responsive? Did you reduce the memory requirements? I don’t want to upgrade just to use it – I shouldn’t have to. So far, I see nothing of interest. That’s why I don’t want Vista.

    Ramble off!


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