How to create passport sized photos on your PC

I have recently qualified with PADI to use a Drysuit to dive in cold water. In order to submit the paperwork the dive company I took the course with require a couple of passport sized photographs.

I wanted to know what the dimensions were for a "passport sized photo" and hence searched via my web browser. I came across an excellent article titled Make your own passport photos which nearly gave me what I was looking for - it told me that I needed an image 4.5cm high and 3.5cm wide - the trouble was they used a Photoshop to resize the image and I don't have a copy of it. So I wondered what software I already had that could do the job for me.

The first place I looked was Microsoft Office Picture Manager as it's built into Microsoft Office and I've used it for years for most of my photo editing - it's not particularly sophisticated but it's easy to use and very effective. Sadly for me it can only resize in terms of how many pixels or percentage of the original size.

I quickly found the easy way to resize the image in cm (or mm) - use Microsoft Word 2007. The following screenshot shows what happened when I hit "insert picture" - the useful part is in the top right hand corner.

Of course if this picture was for a UK passport then it would be rejected as I wouldn't be allowed to smile!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    institute.sunkoshi> I don’t understand your comment – what ould you like to know that isn’t already in the post?

  2. David says:

    Instead of photoshop, why not try the FREE (

    But Word works well for what you’re doing too! 🙂

  3. Cristiano Betta says:

    @david I was just about to say: there must be a free solution for this. I had EXACTLY this problem this afternoon on my mom’s XP machine. I was amazed to see how difficult it is to even print something 1:1 on a Windows machine without special software. I think the standard photo viewer on Windows should be able to do this (like it does it on Mac too)

  4. institute.sunkoshi says:

    how do i crate passport size photo? what is the relaible software and how do in download and used free

  5. KeithL says:

    Nice idea, a real use for that photo-printer I never used.

    Lol, exactly right word can do this, even outlook can do this! even paint

    But you really should use photoshop, you need to get rid of all those spots and the darkened eyes from a bad night out before!

  6. Thomas Lee says:

    Thanks for this-I had to get a pic for a weekly train ticket. Worked a treat!

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