Fellow Hayfever sufferers I feel for you

I lost most of the weekend to hiding away from beasties like this one. I know it's a lovely flower and in reality grass pollen is probably causing more hayfever than this lovely flower. I know there are many people who suffer with hayfever far more than I do. I seems such a shame to be indoors while the UK has it's Summer and hence I am spending some time outdoors too.

I bought an air purifier yesterday and it seems to help - on principle I'm happier as I have a tech gadget on the case - it's more my thing than the medical things I've been using 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Richard> thanks – I’ll give it a whirl

  2. Anonymous says:

    You could try self remedying with a spoonful of locally sourced honey every day. buils up a tolerance to local pollen so i understand.

  3. Richard Tubb says:

    Steve – I’ve suffered with hayfever for many years – it’s spoiled more than one summer day for me! Last year I started using a new device called a “Medinose” though and it has really helped me – it’s definitely worth a look if you can put up with looking a bit silly for 5 minutes each morning! 🙂 http://tinyurl.com/5ktwsa

  4. James Baston - Pitt says:

    sorry to hear about your hay fever. I know you already have an air purifier but have a look at my website. Our products amazing for helping sufferers like yourself. And it offers a money back guarantee if you dont like it so nothing to lose but loads to gain!!



  5. Mark Wilson says:

    Steve – Benadryl is my saviour.  HTH, Mark

  6. James Baston - Pitt says:

    forgot to say the web. http://www.cleanaer.com

  7. Mary Pipp says:

    My savior is Sinol Nasal Spray. I was given to me as a sample at the Storms Allergy Clinic and I have had the best allergy season yet. I now purchase my Sinol at Rite Aid. Try it if you really suffer it is a great all natural product with nor harmful side effects.

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