What’s the best blog engine/site to use when trying to raise awareness of a tech product?

As you may imagine I often receive requests for advice about how an individual or company can get into blogging. My typical reply starts with "what are you trying to achive/ why do you want to blog?" as all too many people simply want to reap the benefits without giving anything - leading to dull "buy my product" "marketing" brochures. The thing I like best about blogging is that it's self moderating - if a blog is dull or is not credible people go elsewhere.

For me the worst reason to start a blog is because you've been told to by "the marketing department" or your boss thinks it's a good idea.

I've been having an interesting email exchange with a gentleman who would like to know "do I begin?  Honestly we have an encryption appliance that rocks (Strong, Simple, Affordable).  Where do I begin?".

Where would you suggest as a good place to host a blog that is unashamedly pitching a technical product bearing in mind that the author is passionate about it though doesn't have a following or any conviction to one service or another? Your suggestions by adding a comment would be much appreciated.

Personally I will read such a blog if the person behind it is truely jazzed about the capabilities of the technology as long as they are honest and open about it's shortcomings too.

Thank you

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