What will it cost to own and run an iPhone v2/3G/whatever it’s going to be called?


Note: thanks to cnet for the image from their iPhone 3G First Take

Thanks to Neville Hobson’s post titled Data costs could make the new iPhone an expensive proposition I now have a much better understanding of both the upfront and ongoing costs of an iPhone v2.

By the sound of it the killer cost will be roaming charges – use the device in your home network and it sounds bearable to me.

I was amused at how Steve Jobs announced the 3G support as if it was entirely revolutionary during his speech at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) yesterday. The battery life statistics look impressive too.

I was surprised to hear that the new device will both include a GPS receiver AND be half the price of the previous version. Without doubt it’s a cool device and I’m not afraid to say I’d like one.

I’d also like to see a wider range of cool Windows Mobile phones due to their advanced security features and business features such as OneNote Mobile.

Thanks to Sarah for making me aware of Evernote – it may challenge OneNote’s prominence as my preferred not taking application. I’ve only just started playing with Evernote – I like it’s ability to easily sync content between the web interface, multiple PCs and my mobile.

Windows Mobile’s native file encryption features, remote wipe and separation between the core O/S and applications put it ahead from a security perspective as far as I can see.

Samsung’s Omnia looks pretty good online at least but with the new iPhone’s Exchange integration it will need to pull out all of the stops to impress.

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