What books are on your bookshelf? *edited to add link to my bookshelf*

Before you ask "No I don't have any financial involvement in BookRabbit" - I just think it's a cool idea as I mentioned in my post yesterday titled what fun - browse the bookshelves of people you know online. Steve Clayton's BookRabbit - Facebook for your bookshelf inspired me to take a look.

The beauty of the system is that it's value is (in typical web 2.0 fashion) directly proportional to the quality and quantity of information each of us uploads hence I'm keen to spread the word and would love to see your bookshelves up there too. I can now easily find other people who have also bought (but not necessarily read!) some of my favourite books - as a result I can see other books that I might like and also may find people who I wish to follow on twitter/other social networking sites.

It's a little fiddly to populate the book details corresponding to the images you upload - once you get the hang of it it's pretty straight forward.

Top tips:

  • When you select an image of your bookshelf (or part of your bookshelf) you need to click on the small clear "blob" (circle) at the top left of the image - don't double click on the image otherwise it will simply open in your default image editor

  • having searched for your book details and retrieved a list then click the "select book" button beneath the details of the appropriate book - don't click on the hyperlink title of the book as that simply takes you through the "I might want to buy this book" type page.

Here's how my bookshelf now looks - I created this in about ten minutes including figuring out the problems I've just told you how to avoid 🙂 I uploaded two images / bookshelves and then drew a box around each book (using the site's built in tool) and entered search details (again via the tool) followed by "select book" for each.

BTW YES I have many more books than this!!!!

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  1. nik says:

    Book *shelf* in the singular? Amateur 🙂

    That’s quite a cool idea. It would be better if you could upload data in CSV or similar (I use Collectorz.com’s software to track my frighteningly expensive book habit)

    I think I will need to buy a couple of larger TFTs before I can do my current “to read” bookcases on screen 🙂

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