What fun – browse the bookshelves of people you know online

I've just stumbled across Steve Clayton's BookRabbit - Facebook for your bookshelf post and given it a whirl for myself. I don't use much paper at all but like Steve I do still enjoy reading good books. BookRabbit is cool as not only can you easily browse the book shelves of your friends, you can see who's reading books you rate highly - this gives the following benefits:

  • you may be able to find other interesting people - i.e. those who you may find inspiring and wish to follow/communicate with online

  • chances are such people will be reading other books you may never of heard of but may find interesting too

  • you can add your own reviews - this is useful for friends of yours who value your opinion

  • you can read the reviews of those you trust

There are video interviews up there for some of the books too.

For the site to live up to it's possibilities I strongly encourage you to take a picture of your bookshelf (or part of it) and upload it to the site - I'm going to do mine tonight all being well.

Something else that's really cool is you can easily buy books that interest you and many of them are discounted.

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Before you ask "No I don’t have any financial involvement in BookRabbit" – I just think it’s a cool idea

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course if you only have 14 books on your shelf like Mr C. that’s fine. If you’ve got hundreds it’s a rather bigger task.

    And have I got this wrong, or is BookRabbit just a bookshop with a unique way of getting unpaid people to drive customers to its site ?


  3. John A Thomson says:

    The desire for Yahoo! is scaled down and now the MS folk are talking up Facebook. Watch the technical press for the big takeover announcement :-D.

    [… John heads over to “The Register” RSS newsfeed!]

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