I’d love to hear from you if you’re into Green/Sustainable IT

For the last six months I've been turning my attention to ways in which I can both reduce my (negative) impact on the environment and help others to do the same. I have no wish to preach to other people and my journey to date has shown me that being environmentally responsible is hard. Embracing the idea is easy - doing something about it isn't.

If you are interested in ways each of us can make incremental changes in our day to day activities and would like to share good ideas then please comment. If you know of user groups and other communities that share this goal then again please share their details via comments.

Thank you

Comments (1)

  1. David Clark says:

    We’re currently looking at power management on our 10,000+ PCs as the University wants to save money and be more carbon friendly.

    Dave Clark, Newcastle Uni

    p.s. have you seen this energy monitoring device http://www.gizoo.co.uk/Products/EcoFriendly/EnergySaving/EfergySmartMeter.htm

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