How much power do each of my household devices use?

Finding out how much power my own household applicances uses has been an interesting experience for me.

If you haven't tried it then see if you can guess which of the following three devices use the most power:

a) a 37" LCD TV

b) a 26" CRT TV

- sadly no image to hand but I'm sure you've seen one before!

c) a heated towel rail

My expectation...

I thought the heated towel rail would use the most, followed by the CRT TV and then the LCD TV. I thought the TVs would be close due to the larger size of the LCD but balanced by the more recent technology

The results...

The LCD TV scored worse with a typical power consumption of 190W, the heated towel rail was next with 150W and the humble old fashioned 26" CRT TV used just 65W

I'll explain how I measured the power consumption in my next post

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The obvious answer is to hang your towels over the TV 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Following my how much power do each of my household applicances use you may be wondering how to measure

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