Where can I download a free eval version of Windows Home Server?

Just browse to the Windows Home Server site and select "Try it for 120 days" on the right hand side of the screen.

If like me you haven't splashed out on buying a Windows Home Server and would like to take one for a spin then downloading the trial is a good way to go. I've seen quite a few of the purpose built devices and have been pretty impressed with them. The idea of a low power server (the one I want uses <38W) that can be configured to wake up my other computers @ night to back them up is pretty appealing. I think the best feature of Home Server is it's ability to accept additional USB connected hard disks and seamlessly extending the logical storage area without me having to worry what data goes where.

I also like the idea of being able to securely "sign in" from wherever I am to access both data held on the server AND control any home automation devices I've integrated with it.

If you're a technical enthusiast who want to buy/build home automation hardware OR if you have multiple PCs @ home then Windows Home Server is worth a look.

The Home Server blog is another good place to find out more.

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  1. Steve Lamb says:

    Tim> These folk can help re. the 38W home server


  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Christopher> I’ll write another post (in a few minutes from now) to answer your question

  3. Anonymous says:


    i´d like to download free antivarus to clean up the malware that is disturbing my computer is a while the software  i have cant protect it from danger.

  4. Tim Heslop says:

    What hardware are you thinking of – I am looking at implementing a Home Server but want a low power one – the HPs lok glossy, but are not that frugal for something that gets left on …

    While we are on the subject – I’d like to do backups the Mozy way – by agent on incrementals to a secure off site server so that I can fit and forget and trickle to protect against hardware failure – do you know if this is possible ?

  5. Tim Heslop says:

    What hardware are you thinking of that is <38W ? I am thinking of a Home Server with its always on capability and for backing up …

    Can you also use Mozy style backups with it, ie trickle to a central vault ? Have you any experience with this?

    (I thought I posted this before but it seems to have disappeared – think I’m going mad …)

    Manchester was great BTW

  6. Sean Cowie says:


    When will file bug get fixed on this one?

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