My talk on Windows 2008 Security Technologies from the UK Launch is available for replay *updated with link to slides*

Chris Dalby kindly streamed my session from the Microsoft UK's Heroes Happen Here Launch event. If you'd like to watch the recording then simply browse to YellowPark TV and you'll see it listed on the right hand side. There are some other excellent recordings up there and Chris informed me that there will be plenty of other recordings being added in future.

My talk was about the following:

  • Effective Security

  • Overview Windows Server 2008 security

  • Architectural changes

  • Network Access Protection

  • Read-Only Domain Controllers

  • AD Rights Management

  • Auditing Enhancements

You are welcome to download a copy of my slides too and share them if you wish

In addition there is a wealth of information including demos and some session recordings (from the USA event) including the keynote on the Virtual Launch Event (VLE) site.

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