I’m a developer, how can I integrate my application with NAP?

There's a great article on MSDN titled simply Network Access Protection which explains how you can integrate your application with Microsoft's Network Access Protection(NAP). Why would you want to do this? Well NAP is a core networking feature of Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 3.

IF you integrate your application then your customers could extend their NAP policy to assess the security features of your product and ensure corporate compliance across their enterprise - this in turn can help them get more value from your application.

It's not "rocket science" to write System Health Agents(SHAs) and System Health Validators(SHVs) for your application - the article explains how to do so.

I'd love to see the LINUX community extend NAP to their platform too...

Borrowing from the article:

"NAP is designed to be flexible. It can interoperate with any vendor software that provides System Health Agents (SHA) and System Health Validators (SHV) or that recognizes its published API set. NAP helps provide a solution for the following common scenarios:

  • Check the health and status of roaming laptops
  • Ensure the health of desktop computers
  • Verify the compliance and health of computers in remote offices
  • Determine the health of visiting laptops
  • Verify the compliance and health of unmanaged home computers "

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