Which are the most popular blogs on Microsoft’s TechNet and MSDN?

Thanks to Sean for publishing a list of the top twenty five most popular TechNet and MSDN blogs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog as I'm delighted it's made the top twenty five. There are more than 1600 blogs on TechNet & MSDN. I started off on MSDN three and a half years ago, after a year or so the blogs.technet.com site was created and I moved over.

My favourite part of blogging is reading your comments and learning what frustrates you, what you like and where I should turn my attention to improve your experience with Microsoft technologies. For me the best thing about my job is being a point of contact to hear both what you like and how we can improve our technology plus being able to help you do more with the Microsoft technology you already have.

One of the best things about blogging on Microsoft's TechNet / MSDN sites is that we are free to express our opinions without being hampered by content review. We use a philosophy of "blog smart" whereby we can write whatever we like BUT have to accept the consequences if we cross the line into leaking confidential information or step outside our area of expertise and asserting "facts" that are inaccurate.

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