The Magic of Software

I'm using a one year old Zune and a one year old HTC S620 Windows mobile phone - both of which I've upgraded FOR FREE to Zune2 and Windows Mobile 6 - the benefits are significant hence I don't need to replace the devices a year on.

Note: I replaced the battery for my phone a couple of months ago at a cost of $40

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  1. Anonymous says:

    James> good point. The Zune software does everything for you even without a USAxbasee "marketplace account".

    Windows mobile upgrades are entirely down to the device manufacturer – in my case HTC made a free download available – try O2’s site for your – it’s somewhat "pot luck" unfortunately

  2. James Saull says:

    Are you going to tell us where we might go to find the resources to upgrade our devices to give them new leases of life? I have a WM5 XDA Mini S from O2 that is working OK (bit flaky at times) and it would be good to flash it up to WM6 rather than contribute to the old phone mountain!

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