How to setup iSCSI on Windows Server 2008

James and I demonstrated how to implement iSCSI earlier in the year whilst touring around the UK - many of the audience were keen to find out more. iSCSI is a cool technology as it allows you to share an area of disk on a server to other machines across the network using SCSI as a protocol. You could think of it as "virtual SCSI".

Why may you want to do this? iSCSI can help if you wish to implement a cluster and don't have access to a Storage Area Network (SAN) either because you wish to demo/trail the system OR if you have an abundance of file server storage / no budget for dedicated hardware.

As we showed last year you can implement the server component of iSCSI on Windows Server 2003 either as a storage server or by adding the iSCSI software, the client software can be on either another server or client and is built into Windows Vista.

Adam Carter shows how to implement iSCSI for Windows Server 2008 on TechNet Edge and explains more about iSCSI in general in another post.

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