An excellent (free) security event is taking place in Edinburgh

Computer Security: What's the point! is taking place in Edinburgh on the 13th Feb.  The Institute of Engineering and Technology are hosting the event - It's free to everyone including non-members of the IET

It will be a good event as it's being run purely by members of the MVP community hence is all about sharing information and making you think - it's not a vendor product pitch!

The speakers are:

  • James Eaton-Lee who works as a security consultant for the famous security firm NGS Software

  • John A Thomson who works as Managing Director of Roundtrip Solutions Limited

Here's an extract from the event description:

"This talk will contain something for everyone, covering a range of security topics including:-
- The Law
- The Threat Landscape
- Best Practice Recommendations
- Layered Protection
- Protecting Your Data and Systems
- Content Filtering, Monitoring and Child Protection
- Patching and Updates
- Asset Management & Disposal
- Policy and Procedures

Demonstrations of threats, malware and remediation solutions will be provided throughout the presentation. Recommendations and best practice advice will be provided to allow the attendee to go away and strengthen their personal and/or business information technology security, whether that be a single home computer used by all the family or a complex multi-site corporate system.   

At the very least it will be an eye opener for anyone with a computer!   "


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Adam, Glad to hear you’re going along – Sadly I can’t this time

  2. AdamV says:

    I’ll be there. I know James from several of his online activities as a forum participant and fellow moderator at

    Steve – are you heading over the border for this one?

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