50+ top tips for computer science students and those considering such a degree

Amy has posted 50+ Killer Online Resources for Computer Science Students on the Virtual Hosting blog which she describes as follows:
"Computer science students are lucky because the Internet is like a living textbook, full of information and advice for their field. Many professors, experts, and other people skilled in computer science have created essays, tutorials, and resource points, all designed to make your life easier. We’ve compiled over 50 of the best here."

It's a very long time since I completed my Computer Science degree and I'm sure much has changed but the tips provided struck a chord with me including the following security related ones:

Hacking and Security

These resources cover the security side of computer science, whether you’re applying cryptography or cracking codes.

  1. Attrition: Find loads of internet and computer security resources here.
  2. Handbook of Applied Cryptography: This reference is available for free download.
  3. CERT Coordination Center: This group studies vulnerabilities, attacks, and publishes alerts.
  4. Cryptography FAQ: Get the lowdown on cryptography with this quick guide.
  5. Open Source Vulnerability Database: This searchable database of open source vulnerabilities can be downloaded in XML.
  6. Makesecure: Get network security news, alerts, and updates here.
  7. Why Cryptography is Harder Than It Looks: Understand the pitfalls of secure systems by reading this essay.


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