Forget security gizmos – first think about Risk

All too often people I meet seem to obsess about the latest and (supposedly) greatest security product/feature/gizzmo. They rarely seem to consider the context in which the uber product is supposed to be working. I like flashing lights and complicated sounding technologies as much as the next infrastructure geek but I’ve learned (over many years)…


Smartphone, Stupid User!

OK so now I’m back to enjoying the benefits of a smartphone but whilst celebrating my Birthday last night I entered my PIN wrong three times and locked myself out – hence Stupid User!


Let it Snow let it Snow Let it Snow and thank goodness for Technology!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the community launch of Vista, Office and Exchange today in Reading. It was a fantastic success judging by both what I saw and the feedback of the audience. Like many other people I struggled with the snow this morning. I left home @ 05:10 (stupid O’clock!) not even…


How do people cope with Stupid phones?

I’ve been spoilt by having a “Smartphone” until recently when I lost it. I’ve been struggling with a regular phone for the last week or so. It’s a nightmare. I can’t view my diary, contacts (though I could sync them by hand), no Internet access and I can’t even view/send email! Something even more wierd is…


So close to passing an assessment – time for Coffee and Porridge!

I came into the office early this morning to avoid the traffic and was rewarded with a nice quick easy journey. After responding to some email requests I decided to take on a piece of mandatory training. There’s not a great deal of mandatory training at Microsoft and it’s all online so it’s pretty easy…