Problem caused by Flash Player – aargh – not a nice way to start the day

After a wonderful Christmas break I'm back at work and my plans to work from home have been scuppered by my Internet Service Provider (who shall remain un-named) - there's a fault @ the exchange according to their help desk. It's rather quiet in the office today. The up side is that I don't need to wait until New Year to start the fitness regime as our (recently opened) onsite gym is open all day 🙂

Moments after powering up my laptop and working online my browser crashed citing "Problem caused by Flash Player". I took the following screenshot which I've annoted in red as apparently "Adobe Systems Inc. does not currently have a solution" and yet on the right hand side of the screen they did in fact help me out as they gave me the option "To uninstall the Adobe Flash player plug-in and ActiveX control, click here". I don't fancy taking my chances with "A newer version of Flash Player...might address this problem" thank you very much!

I've repeated the activites that led to the crash and everything's worked perfectly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    John> Thanks for your comment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    John> I’m well aware of them!

  3. John Dowdell says:

    I’m not sure which browser crashed, or who is presenting you with that error message.

    Unless you’ve on a very unusual system, you should expect to be able to run Adobe Flash Player without incident. But from the info you provided I’m not able to guess what it is that’s different there…?


  4. John A Thomson says:

    You should be running the latest version of Flash because of the known vulnerabilities, rather than any “stoopid” suggestion that is being made by the Crash Analyser!

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