The voice of the tube is now available on co-pilot

I'm sure those of you who follow the UK media may have come across the story about the lady (Emma Clarke) who used to do the announcements for the London Underground ("the Tube") having recorded spoof messages.

Jason's post details that Emma has also recorded the voice prompts for co-pilot too - I really hope she's included some funny messages there too including the following:

Why do you keep ignoring my directions - if you think you know best why on Earth aren't we there yet?

Which part of "Turn Right" don't you understand?

If you'd wanted to take the scenic route you should have punched in "I'm going to ignore whatever the satnav says"


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  1. James ONeill says: has “I said left not right you numpty”. among others.


    who ran this story a couple of hours before 🙂

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