Would you like free technical support to help you deploy Windows Server 2008, System Center, SQL 2008, IIS7, Compute Cluster, Forefront & Sharepoint

As Eileen mentioned IT Pro Momentum is our programme to help you deploy our latest technologies - if you'd like to take advantage of free technical support and gain (online) access to Microsoft experts then feel free to email the appropriate Evangelist. All we ask for in return is for you to share your experience (good AND bad) with us - a couple of paragraphs will do.

The target audience for IT Pro Momentum is organisations who do not have a direct relationship with Microsoft - if you have a Microsoft account manager then they should be your first port of call for deployment assistance.

Thanks to Andrew for drawing up the following table listing the appropriate members of the UK Evangelist team for each technology area. If you are located outside the UK and don't know our counterparts in your geography then feel free to contact one of the names listed below and we'll connect you to the appropriate person near you.



IT Pro Evangelist Contact

Server OS

 Windows Server2008: Active Directory

Windows Server2008:Virtualization

Windows Server2008: Networking

James O’Neil


SQL Server 2008

Andrew Fryer


ForeFront: Client

ForeFront: Server

ForeFront: Edge

Windows Server 2008: NAP

Winodws Vista: Secure Deployment

Stephen Lamb


Windows Server 2008: IIS7

James O’Neil


Sharepoint Server 2007

Viral Tarpara


Windows Server 2008: Powershell

James O’Neil


System Center:  Essentials

System Center:  Configuration Manager

System Center:  Operations Manager

Stephen Lamb

Specialized Server

Windows Compute Cluster 2003

James O’Neil

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