If only TechEd:IT Forum could be outside!

It’s great to be in Barcelona for TechED:IT Forum for the week. I’m working today with my evangelist peers to share experiences and plan for the rest of the year.

It’s such a shame that we’ll see VERY little daylight during the week – particularly so when somewhere nice like Barcelona. Don’t get me wrong – it will be a great week with loads of high quality technical content and a great opportunity to help (and listen to) many of you.

Surely one day we’ll be able to host events outside – somewhere the weather is reliable – not the UK then. Transreflective displays work pretty well outside as does wireless networking – so one day perhaps we can do this.

Here’s the weather forecast for my home this week (thanks to weather.co.uk):

…and here’s the forecast for lovely Barcelona!

Here’s how much daylight we’re likely to see:

And for those of you who may be wondering this is our room for the day…


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