How much CO2 will my flight to TechEd:IT Forum emit?

I'm becoming ever more aware of the impact my actions have on the environment - particularly through travel.

I'm "on the road" for the next four weeks and travelling to three different countries by air, using rail where possible and driving where necessary too.

I am glad to see that the British Airways website includes a carbon calculator which lets me know that the estimated CO2 emissions for my return flight from London to Barcelona "score" as follows:

The total mileage flown is 1,414 Miles
The resulting emissions are: 0.26 Tonnes of CO2
The cost to offset this CO2 will be £1.93

I am surprised so see that the cost of offsetting is so low - particularly as a percentage of the ticket price. The site makes it easy to contribute to a number of carbon offsetting schemes.

Personally I think it's better not to emit the carbon in the first place however as I travel for my work and choose to do so socially then offsetting seems like a start at least. I use the train where I can and drive a hybrid vehicle which again is a start though I am concerned about my impact on the environment and will continue to think about how to reduce it.

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    I’ve been away scuba diving for a week and that’s meant no news, no e-mail and no RSS feeds. Turn your

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