When do the clocks change? When does British Summer Time end?

Like many of you my alarm went off while it was still dark this morning - soon we'll be plunged into the early morning darkness on a regular basis.

The folks at time.org.uk have a nice clear website that lets you know when we (in the UK at least) change from British Summer Time (GMT+1) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Right now it's two weeks and five days away until we change - making it Saturday 27th October 2007

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Incorrect> YOU are incorrect. We changed back to GMT (UCT) last weekend

  2. Saxon says:

    Hate to be picky Steve, but the change makes the mornings lighter, if only for a few more weeks…

  3. Incorrect says:

    Actually in 2007 the time changes the first week of Nov.  The 4th I believe.

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