Thanks to everyone who joined us for the TechNet On The Road tour in London

Looking back I do feel a little bad about the A/V technician who was somewhat surprised when we asked him to provide video switching for five machines - he was only expecting a single machine.

The location was our new London office and clearly it's auditorium hadn't been used for such a complicated show.

I was delighted to experience the lively audience discussion and thought provoking questions.

I hope I didn't embarrase the lady who got up to leave in the last 1/2 hour when I commented "Don't leave" as she tried to quietly find her way out!

I recall early in the afternoon reminding the audience that they could text in questions for the Q&A session @ the end of the day. We'd taken many questions during the day directly from the audience too. As I explained, the txt system was intended for those members of the audience who didn't want to shout out as they were self concious. Moments after I made the announcement one chap who'd asked loads of questions during the day shouted out that there wasn't a mobile signal where he was sat - I replied with "clearly you're not shy Sir" - much amusement.

In keeping with my apparent (unintentional) theme of local beverages here's one I took whilst in London. It was pouring with rain and I'd foolishly decided to walk half way across (London) town rather than taking a cab. I figured I'd wander into a (famous brand) coffee shop and use their wifi (as I have an account) to locate the hotel. I couldn't quite believe that when I wanted one I couldn't find such a coffee emporium - it had to be a certain brand for me to get pre-paid wifi access.

I considered buying (yet another) map but knew I already had several at home and therefore I spent the money on a beverage instead and sheltered from the rain whilst firing up my laptop and 3G PCMCIA card.

Note: I ended up staying in the pub for an hour or so as I found myself reading various blog posts and generally being happy that I was out of the rain. The screen you can (almost) see here shows the crazy figures for the number of Halo3 kills - @ that point in time is was 1.3billion!

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  1. Clive Flint says:

    Hi Steve,

    I came to the London show and it was great to get a webcam off you. The day was the best one I’ve done from Microsoft. Very hands on stuff, lots of banter and info. I will be back for more.

    I’ve posted to the facebook group for technet but haven’t received any sensible answers so I’ll put  the question to you as I did on the day.

    Why, oh why, did MS change the way that people logon to 2008 (the same as Vista) from the way it has been done before? If I go up to a server and want to login but it was someone else before who logged in I now need to click on a button to change the username, rather than just change the username straight off.

    Was the manager involved a member of family from one of the board members? What was the reasoning behind the change? Change for changes sake or was there another reason?

    Cheers for a great day. Fantastic. It brings back faith that there are some good people at MS.


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