What is Halo 3? How many bad guys have been killed? How many people are playing Halo3 right now?

Yes it's true - there are those who don't know what Halo3 is about and would benefit from knowing the background - the nice people @ Bungie have created as site just for newbies

I can't believe quite how many baddies have been killed in Halo 3 so far - just over a week since it was launched - right now (as I type this) the totals are as follows:

Halo 3 Players Online:277,503 - that's real people online at once!!!!!

Unique Players (Last 24 Hours):1,434,787

Matches Logged (Last 24 Hours):3,465,969

UNSC Campaign Kill Count:1,684,073,279 

For up to the minute figures simply browse to the Bungie home page

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s MrMountainGoat! Many people call me "ActionLamb" but that tag had already gone so I went for the other name I often get called 🙂

  2. barryd says:

    And your gamer tag is? (Just so I can kick your butt …)

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