The Virtual Side of TechEd:IT Forum is back with Tony and Daniel

Tony Krijnen and Daniel van Soest have taken over the reigns as hosts of this year's "The Virtual Side of TechEd: IT Forum". I was delighted to be invited to meet them earlier today to shoot a short interview and to hear of their plans to cover the event. James and I enjoyed hosting last year's show - though looking back I'm rather embarrassed at quite how bad my hair cut was!

The guys have challenged me to some skateboarding action in Barcelona one evening after the conference - I'll wear knee pads this time following the accident I had in Seattle & I won't be drinking and riding!

The guys have shot a really good intro video which should be accessible via the Virtual Side website though I can't get it to play and I understand I'm not alone. It's well worth checking in back on the site during (and after) the event (12th - 16th November) as they'll be interviewing interesting speakers and poking their camera behind the scenes to give you a flavour of the event - bring your interesting questions 🙂

If you're coming to the event in person then do come and say "hi" - you'll find me in the Ask The Experts area and on stage with Rafal for a Chalk 'n' talk on Vista Security & for the Security Expert panel.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As I mentioned yesterday Daniel and Tony are this year’s hosts of The Virtual Side. Several of us have

  2. John A Thomson says:

    Videos work fine in Firefox, work fine in Opera – only breaks in IE7 for me. Perhaps the website should contact the browser manufacturer to ask what could be wrong :-P.

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