It was great to meet so many of you in Falkirk at our TechNet On The Road show

The quality of questions you asked and the warmth of your welcome was second to none.

Sadly though the link to the slides somehow didn't make it to you prior to the event - apologies for this - George is on the case and will make sure that next time you are able to print off your own copies BEFORE the event. The official TechNet Post event site includes the slides in the section titled "TechNet on the road" - just scroll down the screen.

What better to relax with whilst waiting for my flight home than a nice local beverage...

... and a Chilli

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s funny as the bar person who served me insisted that I SHOULD drink it from a glass!

    It made a better picture (not that they knew that) as you can see the bubbles.

    Incidentally I hadn’t considered taking a picture of it until I had been sat drinking it for a while

  2. Mike Ormond says:

    Steve. You do not, under any circumstances, drink Irn Bru from a glass. A glass bottle, yes (those were the days). Did you not wonder why you were getting funny looks? Mike

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