Thanks to the good people of Newcastle for hosting us yesterday @ our TechNet On The Road show

I really enjoyed the interaction from the audience and the overwhealming enthusiasm everyone showed towards both the technologies and each of us.

It's the first time in many many years that a Microsoft TechNet show has visited the North East. It's always a risk running an event in a location that you've not been to before as there's nothing worse (from an events perspective) than failing to fill the venue. We finally sold out (it's a free event) on the day. The other venues (Manchester, Reading, London and Falkirk) reached capacity booking within a couple of weeks of being published.

Perhaps IT Pros in the North East (of England) aren't used to us coming hence don't look for an event. If you have suggestions of ways we can get more IT Pros along then please let George know - George is Mrs TechNet.

Incidentally I was dissapointed that I couldn't get a bottle of dog in the airport WITH a curry - one place had a 45 minute wait and had sold out of curry - the other had good food but only Southern Shandy (Danish actually).

TRANSLATION for those of you who haven't visited the North East of England - a "a bottle of dog" looks like this when poured...

Note: Thanks to Dernic's blog for the image

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Michael> thanks for the tips. Technically speaking "Wife Beater" is generally referring to "Stella" as an academic study found that drinkers of said beverage were most likely to beat their Wives!

  2. Michael Armstrong says:

    Hi Steve,

    Excellant demo by the way.  It was really informative and showed how far the Windows Server suite of products have come from NT.  Hope you guys visit again.

    P.s.  I’ve lived in NCL all my life and I don’t even drink Newcastle brown Ale.  It’s also knows as loopy juice / wife beater as it sends you mad after a few.

    Thanks again


  3. Kieran Ebblewhite says:

    Afternoon Steve

    I must admit this was the first such event I’ve been to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It would be nice to see more events of this nature up here in Newcastle.

    I’d personally like to see a SCOM event at some point which I think is very relevant to the NE in that a lot of monitoring is done up here and my current company are rolling out this solution to all their new customers.

    Incidentally dog is drunk in half glass measures with the occassional top-up. It helps it to retain the head!  

  4. James Clark says:

    Thanks for the great show, well presented and enjoyable to watch. Do you plan any presentation material other than the slides available for download ie more on the WDS, Clustering & Capture you discussed and the iSCSI info?

    Thanks again

    PS Dog has to be poured into a Schooner glass normally found in Working Mens or CIU Club to truly appreciate its unique taste.

  5. Paul Rutherford says:

    Excellent demo, loved the fly by the seat of the pants style. Also loved the (Alas) Smith and Jones style of presenting. Will leave it up to you guys which one of you is Mel Smith heheheh

    Really appreciate you coming up ….


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