TechNet Conversations podcast with Andrew Fryer who explains OLAP and business intelligence *edited to include MP3*

Welcome to this TechNet Conversations podcast with Andrew Fryer who explains what OLAP cubes are and how they can be used by IT Professionals to improve their business intelligence. The show is available here as a WMA file and here as an MP3

Andrew Fryer is an IT Pro Evangelist who specialises in all things data @ Microsoft in the UK. During the podcast he demystifies complex topics including business intelligence, SQL analysis services and of course OLAP cubes. Andrew explains where proclarity and performance point fit in our product offerings and what on Earth Multi-Dimensional Expressions (MDX) are.

Andrew explained how analysis services enables you to turn data into information by enabling you to describe the relationship between columns in the database. He also gave advice upon how to be proactive and the need to use terminology the business understands rather than the IT department's native jargon.

I can't help thinking that Andrew was expecting my "end of interview question" though as his response was way too quick!

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    I’ve told the story before about introducing myself with the words ‘I work-to-bring-about-the-Kingdom-of-the-anti-christ-on-earth’

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    I am a few of these behind so thought I would share them with you. It woudl be great to know if you have

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