The power of helping each other. If something seems hard see if you’re answering the right question

The power of helping each other

I did something silly earlier. I wanted to replace the battery for a small electronic device and didn't have a screw driver small enough to remove the tiny screws holding the case on. I sent out an email to an email distribution list for Microsoft employees who work in the Reading Campus (approximately 2000 people of which 1200 peole are members of the DL) asking if anyone had a suitable screw driver I could borrow.

Note: We opt into joining the distribution list and most people have an Inbox rule that automatically filters such messages so they are treated a low priority and pushed to a folder so as not to clutter busy mail boxes.

It's important to note that I sent out the request right at the end of the "working day" and still received a phone call (from someone I'd never heard of before) offering to go out to their car to pick up a screw driver to lend me.

If something seems hard see if you're answering the right question

Having obtained a tiny screw driver I proceeded to remove the case to the device only to find that while I could see the battery I couldn't remove it as it was only accessible from the other side of the device - there was a sliding cover that I hadn't noticed!

Many years ago I worked on a help desk and learned that there are very few situations in which going to a crazy contrived level of technical troubleshooting makes sense as the cause of the problem pretty much always lay at a much higher level.

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