Here’s the first TechNet Conversations podcast – looking at bucket of coffee and geek toys

The first TechNet Conversations Podcast(WMA) is now live - I published it moments ago.

Note:It is encoded in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format - I will post an MP3 version once I can iron out a bug in the conversion tool I've been using.

Later in the year we'll have an area of TechNet that provides a single place where you can find all audio and video content sourced from the UK - the TechNet Conversations podcasts will be linked to from there as will all of our demonstration videos (blogcasts) and video interviews (Talking Microsoft).

During the podcast I'm joined by Rick Claus who's an evangelist from Canada and James O'Neill who's an evangelist from the UK. Rick is an experienced podcaster - his recordings are linked to from the Canadian IT Pro team blog.

This podcast includes a look at some of the linguistic differences between British English and American English as we order "buckets of coffee" and "iced sandcastles" at a coffee bar in Seattle. We go on to hold a "gadget amnesty" whereby three geeks empty out their pockets to reveal to toys they carry around. Specifically we discuss the merits of different types of podcast device.

The second part of the podcast discusses "how to get a message across" using email and how to consider the needs of your audience.

I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for topics for future programmes - please hit the "comment" button to share your thoughts.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re using the Zoom H2

    There’s a good review of devices here…–Removable-Media-Recorders–3644

  2. Andrew Westgarth says:

    Hi Steve,

           what device are you using to record your podcasts?



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